1-Year Furniture Design

The 1-Year Furniture Design Program introduces the students to the history of furniture styles and the application of construction techniques, specifications, and processes used in furniture design. This program aims to enhance students’ capabilities and expertise in specialized areas of furniture design, especially in construction techniques, joinery and finishes, shop drawings, full sizing, and specification development through exploratory activities that include creative sketching, scaled model making, form studies & development of 3d digital models & prints.

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SEMESTER 1: Furniture Design: Foundational Theories

Furniture Design 1

Theory of Design

Materials & Resources 1

Elective: Model Making

SEMESTER 2: Furniture Design: Applied Practice

Furniture Design 2

Materials & Resources 2

Interior Construction & Detailing

Elective: 3D Rendering & Modeling

Elective: Branding for Designers


1. Students can perform independent research, both online and through physical sources.

2. Students will develop proficiency in creating concepts, schematics, and basic technical drafting techniques in designing furniture pieces

3. Students would be able to articulate design language and critique their work and their classmates’ work

4. Students will be able to adapt the SoFA method design process.

5. Students will be able to apply local and sustainably produced materials in the design of furniture pieces.


Full Online

Sem 1:

Complete course offering: P70,245

Without optional electives: P57,960

Sem 2:

Complete course offering: P91,980

Without optional electives: P79,615


Sem 1:

Complete course offering: P70,995

Without optional electives: P58,710

Sem 2:

Complete course offering: P92,730

Without optional electives: P80,445

The program spans two semesters. Payment options are available.

Fees for the 2nd Semester S.Y. 2022-2023 are currently being assessed.

Contact our admissions office for updated fees at admissions@sofa.edu.ph

Applications open for 1st Semester S.Y. 2023 - 2024 that begins this August.

Take the lead towards a life in design. The semester begins this August 2023.