• SoFA moves to Rockwell

    SoFA Design Institute, the leading institution for design education, and renowned real-estate developer Rockwell Land have officially signed a...
  • MASTERCLASS: Learn from established names in the field of design

    Elevate your practice through the guidance of established designers and professionals who have mastered their creative field.
  • Telus International Recruits SoFA in Celebrating Pride Month in Style

    “Pride Month, to me, is about expressing and celebrating your authentic self in any way you want. And I believe that fashion can be a powerful tool for self-expression. Fashion is performance art, which allows us to produce clothing that speaks and walks with a message—conveying a story at every turn.” - Fred Telarma, Fashion Designer & SoFA Design Institute Instructor
  • Design education reaching new horizons! SoFA Design Institute grows the Senior High School Department to New Tracks

    As a growing community dedicated to the creative learner, SoFA Design Institute launched their Senior High School Program centered on nurturing future leaders with design thinking skills through ENGAGEMENT, INTEGRATION & COMMUNITY.
  • UNRAVEL + RACONTEUR: 2021 Graduation Showcase

    Witness a new wave of creative talents in SoFA Design Institute's 2021 Graduation Showcase for BA Fashion Design & Marketing and 2-YR Fashion Design & Marketing program. Celebrate a fresh batch of talented creatives as they unveil their collections in our very first virtual fashion showcase. #WeLiveDesign
  • Eyes on Southeast Asia: Textiles and Identity (Episode 1 - The Filipino Identity & Textiles Woven Through Culture)

    Asia Society Philippines, together with SoFA Design Institute, bring Eyes on Southeast Asia: Textiles and Identity - a three-part series highlig...
  • #SoFAStudent, Danica Magat, interns under Fashion legend, Hindy Weber

    SoFA Design Institute believes in real-world learning and connects its students to many invaluable opportunities outside the classroom -- internships included! Get to know Danica Magat, a Fashion student and now intern under fashion legend, Hindy Weber.

  • Meet the team behind our student-run online publication, @SoFADaily

    @SoFADaily is an online platform spearheaded by a very dedicated team of student leaders. Learn why and how they do the things they do and join us in paying homage to the creative minds behind this online platform that curates and engages the SoFA Community on the daily.
  • How C.J. Martin put his passion to the test and came out a winner

    C.J. Martin is testament to the saying that it is never too late to pursue your creative dreams, no matter the beginnings of your professional journey. The thirty-something-year-old stands out in more ways than one compared to his younger counterparts.
  • How a Filipino designer successfully built a design career abroad

    Having started his eponymous brand Rafé New York in 1997 then sitting as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America since 1998, the multi-awarded Filipino-American designer has built a legacy of excellence grounded in the love of design and bolstered by a strong business acumen. 

  • How old Philippine textiles and techniques became the key to ushering the next generation of “sapateros”

    Through her brand Risqué Designs, De Guzman commemorates and modernizes the country’s indigenous weaves with due regard to their cultural context, encouraging Filipinos to wear and appreciate their culture. 
  • Nothing Can Stop This Wave of Virtual Creative Learners

    Congratulations to our Interior Design students, who are continuously embracing this new world and are thriving in our new design learning pedagogy. Check out a few of their inspiring works.