Are you ready to #DesignYourStory? Start fresh with SoFA Design Institute this November as we open a new semester! Enrollment is on-going for Degree Programs, Non-Degree Programs, Certificate Programs, & Short Courses in Fashion, Interiors, & Furniture Design.

SoFA Design Institute is now offering the Senior High School Arts & Design track with specializations in Fashion Design and Marketing, Interior Design and Architecture, and Multimedia Arts. Inquire now for S.Y. 2017 - 2018!

Our Interior Design program is unlike any other in the country. Our approach is allied with efforts to empower designers to consider as their primary obligation the shaping of space - not simply the decoration of it. Enroll now.

Leaders in the industry of Lighting Design - both local and international - will converge at the PLC 2016: Lighting With Purpose on September 8-9. Register now!

SoFA Design Institue inagurates a unique master class in architecture. Presented in partnership with Goethe-Institut and The AEDES Metropolitan Laboratory, the two-week studio unfolds in historic Berlin. Inquire now!