Certificate in Fashion Marketing

Certificate in Fashion Marketing

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To bring fashion to the public, one should master the basics of fashion marketing. Our certificate course in Fashion Marketing offers a foundation of industry knowledge in just one semester.



Graduates may use their knowledge to establish a small-scale retail store or work with designers or brands who are looking for new marketing plans and strategies. They can also expect to hold marketing positions with a specialization in fashion. Careers like fashion brand manager, fashion merchandiser/buyer, fashion entrepreneur



The semester begins in AUGUST 2024

This course runs for 1 semester, or approximately 4 to 5 months.

Mode of Instruction:

Classes will primarily be taught using the English language. 



Subject Inclusions & Schedule:


Fashion Product Development | Online 

Wednesdays (Synchronous) 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM | Wednesdays (Asynchronous) 4:30 PM - 6:00PM | August 28, 2024 - January 22, 2025 |

Fashion Marketing and Promotion | Online 

Fridays | (Synchronous) 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM | (Asynchronous) 9:30 AM - 11:00AM | August 30, 2024 - January 24, 2025 |

Fashion Merchandising and Buying | Online 

Wednesdays (Synchronous) 12:00 NN - 1:30 PM | Wednesdays (Asynchronous) 1:30 PM - 3:00PM | August 28, 2024 - January 22, 2025 

NOTE: Class schedules may change without prior notice. Our Admissions Office will be in touch with enrolled students for any updates or changes to this class schedule.


Payment Terms:

Enrolling students have the option to settle tuition for this course in full upon enrollment, or avail of our 2-part Installment Plan or Monthly Installment Plan. Please click on the appropriate payment term upon checkout to confirm your initial enrollment.


  • Full Payment
    • Upon Enrollment: PHP 60,203.22
    • 2-Part Installment Plan
      • Upon Enrollment: PHP 31,601.61
      • 2nd Payment: PHP 31,601.61
    • 4-Part Installment Plan
      • Upon Enrollment: PHP 33,101.61
      • 2nd Payment: PHP 11,033.87
      • 3rd Payment: PHP 11,033.87
      • 4th Payment: PHP 11,033.87
  • 12-Part Installment Plan (via Bukas)
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    • If you select this installment plan, please choose "Bukas Tuition Installment Plan" as your mode of payment upon checkout.

    NOTE:For students availing the 2-part Installment Plan or the 4-Part Installment Plan, succeeding payments may be settled directly with our Finance Office. Post-dated checks will be required for all installment plans. For more information, kindly email admissions@sofa.edu.ph.