Design education reaching new horizons! SoFA Design Institute grows the Senior High School Department to New Tracks

Since its inauguration last 2007, the SoFa Design Institute has been developing passionate visionaries who shape and lead the world of design. It has been the go-to school in the country for design courses like Fashion Design & Interior Design, offering design-focused educational experiences that promote creativity, technical proficiency, and business acumen using its very own SoFA Method — a systematic educational process that encourages creatives to build intelligent yet practical solutions to issues ranging from personal to global settings. 
As a growing community dedicated to the creative learner, SoFA Design Institute launched their Senior High School Program centered on nurturing future leaders with design thinking skills through ENGAGEMENT, INTEGRATION & COMMUNITY. Over the past few years, SoFA Senior High School has become a leader in providing a non-traditional school environment that cultivates creativity and hones design-based problem-solving skills & knowledge necessary for the bright futures of young creatives. 
The SoFA SHS Arts & Design Track is among the pioneering and unique high school design programs in the country. It delivers in-depth lessons, an interdisciplinary curriculum, and immersive experiences through personalized instruction from accomplished professionals in their respective fields. This unique approach to education has resulted in many positive student outcomes and achievements. It also equips students for real-world challenges through inquiry-based learning. 
As the SoFA Senior High School Programs expand, this approach will provide a similarly unique and progressive experience to students in two new programs: the General Academic Track and the Accountancy, Business & Management Track. 
The Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM) Track is for students who have a keen interest in honing their leadership and organizational skills on a deeper level and those who are interested in applying their proficient mathematical skills through the business and financial sense. This track is for students who are planning to take up business-related courses in college or engage in business, entrepreneurship, and other business-related careers. 
The General Academics Track Strand (GAS) takes on a generalist approach in preparing students for college because, unlike other strands that are career specific, this strand covers various disciplines, which gives the learner the chance to weigh options. This makes it ideal for students who are still exploring which career path they want to take in the future. 
Students in these tracks can expect the same non-traditional, creatively immersive, and academically driven school experience that only SoFA Senior High School offers.