Fashion Design Workshops

The time and place to roll up one's sleeves and put the passion for design to work is here.

Every January, March, and August, SoFA Design Institute offers 4 to 8-session modules on Fashion and Interior Design. Whether for initial or complementary training, participants expand their skills in varied design and technical disciplines. 


Basic Makeup

Schedule: August 8 - 18  |  Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  |  6:00 - 9:00PM

Faculty: TBA


In partnership with MAC Cosmetics - one of the world's leading cosmetic brands - this 5-day course will introduce students to the basics of makeup application - from tools to the latest trends. Looks will be created following a variety of themes: Natural, Day, and Night; and will cover a module specific to makeup application on the eyes. Students will learn how to create a range of looks for various occasions and categories such as editorial, bridal, theater, and film/commercial. Students will receive exclusive Gift Certificates and will go on a guided tour of a MAC Cosmetics store at the end of the course.


Fashion Styling

Schedule: August 10 - September 28  |  Thursday  |  6:00 - 9:00PM

Faculty: John Randolph Manucom


This 8-session workshop covers lectures and activities that will introduce students to the practice of fashion styling. Students will learn about the relevance of the profession, gain familiarity with the industry’s influential personalities, and understand the idea of focal points and editing.


(1) To understand the importance of fashion styling; (2) Familiarize one’s self with the influential personalities of the industry; (3) To comprehend the idea of focal points and editing.


Introduction to Fashion Construction

Schedule: August 10 - October 5  |  Thursday  |  5:00 - 9:00PM

Faculty: Joseph Richard Papa


In this laboratory course, students will gain introductory skills in illustration, and likewise learn pattern making, sewing, fabric cutting, finishing, fitting, and embellishing. At the end of this course, students will be embellishing a circular skirt and shift dress of their own creation.


To introduce students to basic design principles, techniques, and technologies of Fashion Construction.

Bag Construction for Beginners

Schedule: August 12 - September 30  |  Saturday  |  12:00 - 3:00PM

Faculty: Chris Cera


The course is an 8-week workshop that consists of lecture and laboratory work covering the entire process of bag-making from conceptualization, illustration, material selection/sourcing, mock-up, pattern-making, sample-making to costing.


The course aims to equip students with knowledge and practical skills to be able to translate and design handbags into workable models, and eventually equip students with introductory knowledge on establishing a bag business. 


Intermediate Makeup

Schedule: October 17 - 27  |  Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  |  6:00 - 9:00PM

Faculty: TBA


In this next level course by MAC Cosmetics, students will take a more comprehensive look at various makeup categories. Participants will learn makeup application techniques for fashion shows, TV, avant-garde/editorial looks and theater, and will likewise be taught the latest MAC trends. The workshop will close with a field day at a MAC store where students will get PHP2,000 worth of products.


Quick Start Guide to Digital Retail

Schedule: September 6 - October 25  |  Wednesday |  6:00 - 9:00PM

Faculty: Geo Custodio


This course is a comprehensive workshop on the end-to-end process of maintaining a sustainable online retail experience. Participants will get boot-camp training to understand the fundamentals of operating their own eCommerce space, but more importantly will be able to define which functions suit their respective brands.


(1) To clearly define a virtual presence authentic to the spirit of the brand, to the inventory at hand, and to prospective consumers; (2) To understand the fundamental supply chain of operating an eCommerce suite; (3) To be able to decide and defend executive decisions on one’s eCommerce form and functionality. 

Shoe Construction for Beginners

Schedule: September 9- October 28  |  Saturday |  3:00 - 6:00PM

Faculty: Kristal Lyn De Guzman


This exclusive workshop is open to students of all backgrounds, including those without prior knowledge of shoe design and construction. Students will learn the basics of shoe design, pattern-making, and shoe construction. Participants will gain insider knowledge of the industry, and especially gain access to a network of suppliers in Marikina City - the shoe capital of the Philippines.


(1) Identify the different parts of a shoe, and varyfing types of shoes; (2) Learn basic shoe construction techniques; (3) Get familiarized with suppliers in Marikina City; (4) Create basic shoes - from design, construction, and all the way to assembling the actual pair.
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