Advanced Interior Design Lecture Series

The Interior Design (ID) Lecture Series serves as a foundational 1-year program for individuals who are interested in exploring a career in Interior Design. The program offers a mix of subjects ranging from conceptual and critical thinking courses to technical courses. The program is broken down into the Basic and Advanced modules.

Students work closely in small groups within an interactive and cooperative classroom environment. The ID Lecture Series will also offer the basics of the profession through "Design Studio 1".  Students are offered various enriching opportunities ranging from internships in the industry, interacting with interior design icons, and study trips that expose students to new technologies, research and innovation in the profession inside and outside the country.

Students have the option to begin with the Basic or Advanced course depending on their background. Through the Advanced Interior Design Lecture Series, students learn about aesthetics, the materials and resources to use, and hands-on procedures. The aim will be to create a foundation in design and technical drawing skills, as well as 3-dimensional thinking and space analysis. These skills will help them confront any design issue.

The program is aimed for students who want to explore Interior Design as a new career option. It also serves as a foundation for those who are still deciding if they want to pursue a 4-year BS Interior Design degree to be able to qualify to take the licensure examination.

Design Studio 2: Residential Design

Materials and Resources 1: Soft Furnishings


CAD Workshops

The course is focused on developing students' creativity and capacity for critical thinking, design exploration and implementation of creative ideas.  Students are also trained in technical courses supportive of the design course objectives.

Graduates of this course can work as interior stylists, interior decorators or interior design assistants. Students can also pursue the 4-year BS-ID degree to pursue a professional career in Interior Design.

Approximately  PhP 50,000 - based on the prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 1 semester.