1-Year Program in Fashion Design

The 1-year Fashion Design program is a TESDA-regulated program designed to expose students to the creative side of the fashion industry. Students will glean an understanding of and proficiency in both the design and technical practice of fashion allowing them to become competent creative professionals.

Design Studio 1: Creative Problem Solving

Basic Illustration

History of Design (Clothing Evolution)

Pattern Making and Sewing 1

Fashion Trends

Textitle Technology


Design Studio 2: Roots of Philippine Fashion

Fashion Illustration 1 + CAD

Pattern Making and Sewing 2

Basic Draping

Fashion Product Development


The program comprises an overview to the major components of fashion design. It introduces students to two Design Studio classes where students' capacity for creative and critical thinking will be enabled. Through these classes, students will learn how to draw inspiration and create highly innovative and dynamic design concepts.

These studio classes will be supported by technology classes in illustration, pattern making, and sewing. Students' exposure to illustration will enable them to render designs using varied media while skills gleaned from courses on basic to advanced pattern making, sewing, and draping will equip students to create actual garments.

The curriculum is rounded out by several other support classes. "History of Design" as well as "Fashion Trends" will offer a valuable look at the past and into the future of fashion. "Textile Technology" gives insight to different kinds of fabrics while "Product Development" leads students through the process of creating a product from idea to finished design.

After this 1-year course, you can begin designing and producing fashion merchandise. You may work with outside suppliers and partners to establish a label of your own, or pursue opportunities under a fashion brand.  


Fashion Designer

Accessories Designer

Creative Director 

Approximately PhP 112,927 per semester - based on prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 2 semesters.