1-Year Program in Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketers are mostly involved behind-the-scenes. While keeping abreast of fashion trends and consumer buying habits, fashion marketers also put together advertising campaigns that appeal to the taste of specific consumer groups. The 1-year TESDA-regulated program in Fashion Marketing will train students to be savvy fashion marketers - connecting the public to the world of design.

Design Studio 1: Creative Problem Solving

Fashion Entrepreneurship

History of Design (Clothing Evolution)

Textile Technology

Fashion Trends

Fashion Merchandising and Buying


Design Studio 2: Roots of Philippine Fashion

Fashion Product Development

Retail Management

Fashion Marketing and Promotion

Fashion Marketing Project


The program is designed to expose students to the business side of the fashion industry, where they will learn about merchandising, buying, marketing, and promotion for fashion. Students will be immersed in two Design Studio classes to instill an understanding of creativity in fashion. Students will be knowledgeable on how a fashion product evolves from an idea into a workable piece that is placed in the selling floor.

After this 1-year course, you will gain sufficient skills to manage a store or retail business. You may work with outside suppliers and designers to establish your own fashion business, or pursue opportunities under a retail brand.


Store Manager

Merchandising Manager

Fashion Buyer


Approximately PhP 71,500 to PhP 80,200 per semester - based on prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 2 semesters.