Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BS-ID) program at SoFA Design Institute provides a challenging course of study for students preparing themselves for a professional career in this field. The program emphasizes conceptual and critical thinking in spatial design, taking into consideration all aspects of space making - proportion, form and configuration, scale, texture, light, materials, and color. All of these elements are then composed in relation to the human body.

The program is aimed for students who want to work as professional interior designers. The program is accredited and is in full compliance with CHED regulations. Graduates are eligible to take the annual licensure examination for interior designers as regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Design Studio 1: Introduction to Interior Design

Theory of Design


Visual Techniques 1

History of Interior Design 1

Communication Arts

Physical Education 1

National Service Training Program 1


Design Studio 2: Residential Design

Visual Techniques 2

Color Theory

History of Interior Design 2

Philippine History

Life and Works of Rizal

Physical Education 2

National Service Training Program 2


Design Studio 3: Commercial and Corporate Design

Interior Perspective

Color Rendering

History of Philippine Interior Design

College Algebra

General Psychology

Sining ng Komunikasyon

Physical Education 3


Design Studio 4: Hospitality Design

Color Dynamics

Materials and Resources 1


Politics and Governance

Environmental Science

Philippine Economics

Physical Education 4


Design Studio 5: Theater and Exhibit Design

Furniture Design 1

Material and Resources 2

Interior Construction and Detailing

Elective 1: Basic CAD
Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Philosophy


Design Studio 6: Institutional Design

Furniture Design 2

Materials of Building Construction

Elective 2: Intermediate CAD

Physics for Non-Practitioners

Business Communication

Business Statistics


Design Studio 7: Thesis in Interior Design

Research Methods Applied to Interior Design

Professional Practice and Ethics in Interior Design

Elective 3: Advanced CAD

Public Speaking

Philippine Literature


Design Studio 8: Interior Design Exhibit


Business Management in Interior Design

Elective 4

Elective 5

Elective 6

The content of the course is focused on spurring creativity and capacity for conceptual thinking to help provide solutions through critical thinking, design exploration, and implementation of creative ideas.

Graduates of this course can become licensed interior designers. They can work at an established firm or create their own interior design practice for residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality and institutional projects.

Interior Designer

Commercial Designer

Residential Designer

Landscape Designer

Furniture Designer

Visual Merchandise

CAD Illustrator 

Approximately  PhP 95,500 to PhP 116,200 per semester - based on the prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 8 semesters.