2-Year Program in Fashion Design & Marketing

The 2-Year Program in Fashion Design and Marketing is a TESDA-regulated program which provides students with rich exposure to fashion’s creative and business aspects. Students will learn the full range of practice - from designing, pattern making, sewing, up to selling a collection. Students under this program will be exposed to much needed information on color, fabric, pricing, design illustration, and the retail industry. The program is designed to expose students to both the creative and business sides of the fashion industry, equipping them to become competent creative professionals and brand owners. 

At the end of the program, students may opt to participate in our annual fashion show to present their collections. SoFA Design Institute graduates are individuals with a definite creative point of view who are set to leverage creative talent into a creative enterprise.   

Design Studio 1: Creative Problem Solving

History of Design (Clothing Evolution)

Basic Illustration

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Fashion Merchandising and Buying

Fashion Trends


Design Studio 2: Roots of Philippine Fashion and the Arts

Fashion Illustration 1 + CAD

Pattern Making & Sewing 2

Basic Draping

Textile Technology

Fashion Product Development

Retail Management


Design Studio 3: Fashion Conceptualization

Fashion Illustration 2 + CAD

Pattern Making & Sewing 3

Advanced Draping

Fashion Marketing and Promotion

Fashion Marketing Project


Design Studio 4: Innovative Garment Construction

Pattern Making & Sewing 3


The course builds upon a foundation of Design Studio classes, the venue where students’ creativity is honed. They will register in a total of four studio classes throughout the program.  Aside from design, students will gain competence in technical execution in pattern making, sewing and draping. They will also learn how to illustrate designs by hand and via computer-aided design (CAD) tools. Marketing, Merchandising, Entrepreneurship and other business subjects will also be taught so students will know how to create a brand with the target consumer in mind.  They will understand how fashion goes from design to garment execution and finally, to the market.

After this 2-year course, graduates should have the skills to start their own atelier, production firm, retail store, and the like. Your education and experiences at SoFA Design Institute will serve as the backbone and foundation to begin your own fashion business or career.


Fashion Designer

Creative Director

Fashion Entrepreneur

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Brand Manager

Fashion Stylist

Approximately PhP 127,084 per semester - based on prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 4 semesters.