1-Year Program in Furniture Design

The Philippines has a grand tradition in Furniture Design, but we are lacking in a rigorous training program for the creation of world-class furniture - especially for the export market. Our program, which will include a double dose of design classes, is meant to address this shortcoming. The SoFA Design Institute 1-year immersive program in Furniture Design will introduce designers to the key design, technical and marketing factors through a variety of approaches delivered by industry mentors. By studying furniture design, and how to build and market furniture, this course sequence will fill a gap in an area of critical importance to the Philippine economy and culture.

In each semester, the central experience will take place in two interrelated design classes in which students will develop multiple collections of furniture. The unique SoFA Method will ensure that no more than 15 students will be enrolled in a design studio. In this way, the maximum level of personalized instruction can be ensured. Additionally, courses in materials, technology, representation, modeling and the business of furniture will round out the curriculum.


Furniture Design I

History of Furniture

Materials and Assembly


Furniture Design II

Production Techniques and Prototyping

Furniture Design Marketing

Approximately PhP 89,200 per semester - based on prescribed curriculum and course load.

The program spans to 2 semesters.