Scholarship Program Admissions

SoFA Design Institute grants a limited number of scholarships to well-deserving students based on merit and financial need. The institute opens scholarship applications once every school year. Deadline of submission of scholarship applications is every March 31. Please be advised that incomplete submissions will not be processed. We advise that you prepare your documents well ahead of the submission deadline to avoid disqualification. You may contact our Admissions Office for further assistance.


Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
2-Year Fashion Design and Marketing
1-Year Fashion Design


- Completed Design Test – Instructions for the Design Test may be secured via email (

- 2x2 colored ID photo w/ white background

- PSA Birth Certificate

- Medical Certificate – The Medical Certificate must be signed by your Physician and states that you are able and fit to pursue your studies

- Creative Portfolio – The creative portfolio is a compilation of your original creative work. It can include sketches, illustrations, photos, music, or literary work — any proof of creativity

- Certificate of Good Moral Character (for HS graduates / College transferees)

- Certificate of Transfer Credential (for College transferees)

- Original Transcript of Records (for College transferees)

- Grade 12 Report Card (for HS graduates)

- School Form 10 or Form 137 (w/ remarks “Copy for SoFA Design Institute”)

- Scholarship Essay (Q: Why do you deserve to be awarded a scholarship from SoFA Design Institute?)

- BIR Form 2316 of Parents from the previous calendar year


STEP 1: Take the Admissions Design Test - Instructions for the test will be sent via email

STEP 2: Create an applicant account on: and upload there your admissions documents - should you encounter issues with file size, you may email your requirements to

STEP 3: Await the result of your application - our scholarship grants committee will convene to deliberate and review all scholarship applications. Depending on the pool of applicants, applicants may be invited for an interview. Results of the scholarship application process will be released via email