Senior HighSchool Accountancy and Business Management Track

Every successful creative brand and business requires top-notch talents who are business-savvy and have the management and financial know-how. Our distinct approach to teaching the Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) strand of Senior High School (SHS) at SoFA Design Institute will equip aspiring creative entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to manage and run day-to-day operations of enterprises — whether it be their own or a multinational firm.

Unlike the traditional approach to learning ABM, students of our ABM track will be trained in subjects such as Accountancy, Statistics, and Business Mathematics with the human customer and professional in mind. Our ABM students, on top of learning about business trends and numbers, will master design thinking, communication, and socialization as the fundamental pillars of their practice through our Design Studio classes and our range of design electives. In keeping with our distinct approach to teaching design, which we coin the “SoFA Method”, our ABM track marries creativity with mathematical application and business sense to prepare the best business professionals of tomorrow.

Our curriculum, much like our other SHS stands, will prioritize subject integration that will allow for minor subjects such as Physical Education and the Sciences to take on a more meaningful role in our students’ learning journey. This way, learning is maximized while students’ work load is minimized.

Students who select this route will be prepared for colorful careers as managers, accountants, and business owners capable of creating exceptional and purposeful brands that can move societies and economies of tomorrow forward.

With each class section kept to only a maximum of 15 students, we ensure the highest level of quality in lesson delivery and assessment.



- Helps develop skills to be a lifelong learner for aspiring entrepreneurs as things are ever changing for a business owner. Develop job-ready skills and knowledge needed in the corporate world.

- The course builds up the confidence of students when communicating their ideas, allowing them to have more faith in their concepts and ingenuity in the field of management, marketing and business ethics.

- This hones the students’ math skills for quick and transparent computations that will allow them to make sound business decisions and perform accounting duties with attention to detail and accuracy down the line when entering their careers.


Fees for 2nd Semester S.Y. 2022-2023 are currently being assessed.

Contact our admissions office for updated fees at

Approximately PHP 222,575 per semester - based on the prescribed curriculum and course load. Payment options are available.

Applications open for 1st Semester S.Y. 2023 - 2024 that begins this August.

Take the lead towards a life in design. The semester begins this August 2023.