Interior Design Workshops

The time and place to roll up one's sleeves and put the passion for design to work is here.

Every January, March, and August, SoFA Design Institute offers 4 to 8-session modules on Fashion and Interior Design. Whether for initial or complementary training, participants expand their skills in varied design and technical disciplines.


Basic Interior Styling

In this best-selling workshop, students will gain skills in developing ideas, laying out floor plans, choosing the right color palettes, and selecting the right furniture pieces and furnishings to enhance the look of interior spaces. This 8-week course is ideal for individuals who are interested in exploring the art and science of styling spaces.

Schedule: October 21 - December 9 | Monday | 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Tuition: PHP 12,000

Advance Interior Styling

This workshop is a follow up to Basic Interior Styling where participants will learn how to develop a style for different personality types, and learn continental styles across the globe. Participants will also practice how to create mood boards and tableaus using the principles of visual storytelling.

Schedule: November 7 - December 12 | Thursday | 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Tuition: PHP 15,000

Event Styling

This course is focused on teaching concepts and techniques for creating ideal set-ups for parties and events. In this class progression, students will learn how to conceptualize, develop, and execute ideas to make scenic decor settings for a variety of occasions. The course will delve into floralscaping, tablescaping, backdrops and props, lighting, fabrics, color management, and other vital principles of event styling.

Schedule: October 23 - December 11 | Wednesday | 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Tuition: PHP 12,000

Luxury Interior Design Masterclass

This exclusive masterclass program delves into the specialized luxury sector of the built environment profession. Students will learn how to design branded luxe spaces for niched clientele including brands. In the earlier sessions, participants will be guided through the principles of luxury and the design process. They will likewise be exposed to trends and branding specifically for luxury interior design. The last few sessions will tackle classical and contemporary luxury interior design, including color schemes, materials, and textures.

Schedule: November 14 - December 12 | Thursday | 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Tuition: TBC


Upon completing a workshop, students will gain introductory skills and knowledge that will serve as foundation for formal education or personal practice.


Tuition ranges from approximately PHP 7,500 to PHP 18,000 depending on the workshop topic and scope. Each workshop spans to about 4 - 8 weeks.

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