BA Fashion Design and Marketing

Our Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing (BA-FDM) program offers a holistic introduction to the fashion industry. Students of the program become familiar with the creative, technical, and business facets of fashion. Participants will be trained to evolve a personal point of view in a portfolio whose contents can leverage entry to their competitive field. Our annual gala fashion show is attended by media and industry personalities, allowing students to showcase their work to influential members of the design community.


    Design Studio 1: Creative Problem Solving / History of Design (Clothing Evolution) / Basic Illustration / Visual Techniques / Communication Arts / Sining ng Komunikasyon / Physical Education 1 / National Service Training Program 1

    Design Studio 2: Roots of Philippine Fashion and the Arts / Color Theory / Fashion Illustration 1 / Philippine History / Life and Works of Rizal / Introduction to Philosophy / Physical Education 2 / National Service Training Program 2

    Design Studio 3: Fashion Conceptualization / Fashion Illustration 2 - CAD / Pattern Making & Sewing 1 / General Psychology / College Algebra / Introduction to Sociology / Physical Education 3 / Design Studio 4: Innovative Garment Construction / Materials & Resources / Pattern Making & Sewing 2 / Basic Draping / Environmental Science / Politics and Governance / Philippine Economics / Physical Education 4

    Design Studio 5: Apparel Production / Textile Technology / Advanced Draping / Pattern Making & Sewing 3 / Philippine Literature / Physics for Non-Practitioners / Retorika / Design Studio 6: World Fashion / Fashion Marketing and Promotion / Fashion Merchandising and Buying / Fashion Trends / Business Communication / Business Statistics / Elective 1

    Design Studio 7: Research Methods Applied to Fashion Design / Fashion Product Development / Retail Management / Fashion Entrepreneurship / Fashion Marketing Project / Public Speaking / Elective2

    Design Studio 8: Thesis (Final Collection) / Pattern Making & Sewing 4 / Internship


    Your education and experiences at SoFA Design Institute will serve as the backbone and foundation for a career in fashion. Students may opt to establish their own fashion business or pursue opportunities in retail, brand management, merchandising, media, or journalism.

    - Fashion Designer
    - Fashion Entrepreneur
    - Creative Director
    - Fashion Brand Manager
    - Fashion Merchandiser


    Approximately PHP124,345.00 per semester - based on the prescribed curriculum and course load.

    The program spans to 8 semesters. Payment options are available.

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