Senior High School

SoFA Design Institute puts creativity first. The curriculum of our Senior High School (Arts & Design) program stimulates students' curiosity about the world and makes it a source of inspiration. But the real work of our students begins when they transform that information by making it a part of their story. INQUIRE NOW.

Senior HighSchool Arts & Design Track

The SoFA Design Institute Senior High School provides an exciting venue for aspiring young artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Our accredited 2-year Arts & Design program offers tomorrow's creative leaders an early start on their individual journeys of self-discovery. Our learner-centered program is led by experienced faculty who are respected professionals in their respective fields. Our teachers are experienced in challenging students to evolve and strengthen their unique identities.

Much of this work is performed through the integration of two areas of concentration: general education and design studies. These disciplines are further fused within our Integrated Lab - where academic, social and scientific values are blended into a singular basis for meaningful creative action.


Aside from our experienced faculty, who nurture our students through one on one, personalized education and consultation, the SoFA SHS Program emphasizes meaningful creative work that can be applied to their own and their community’s needs. This is achieved via the integration of general education subjects with arts and design, through extensive curriculum development, planning and collaboration between teachers.

Lessons are taught through the SoFA Method —a systematic educational process which encourages participants to build beautiful yet practical solutions to issues ranging from the personal to the global.

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Senior HighSchool Accountancy and Business Management Track

Every successful creative brand and business requires top-notch talents who are business-savvy and have the management and financial know-how. Our distinct approach to teaching the Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) strand of Senior High School (SHS) at SoFA Design Institute will equip aspiring creative entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to manage and run day-to-day operations of enterprises — whether it be their own or a multinational firm.

Unlike the traditional approach to learning ABM, students of our ABM track will be trained in subjects such as Accountancy, Statistics, and Business Mathematics with the human customer and professional in mind. Our ABM students, on top of learning about business trends and numbers, will master design thinking, communication, and socialization as the fundamental pillars of their practice through our Design Studio classes and our range of design electives. In keeping with our distinct approach to teaching design, which we coin the “SoFA Method”, our ABM track marries creativity with mathematical application and business sense to prepare the best business professionals of tomorrow.

Our curriculum, much like our other SHS stands, will prioritize subject integration that will allow for minor subjects such as Physical Education and the Sciences to take on a more meaningful role in our students’ learning journey. This way, learning is maximized while students’ work load is minimized.

Students who select this route will be prepared for colorful careers as managers, accountants, and business owners capable of creating exceptional and purposeful brands that can move societies and economies of tomorrow forward.

With each class section kept to only a maximum of 15 students, we ensure the highest level of quality in lesson delivery and assessment.

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