Let us help you move forward in this new world. SoFA Design Institute offers CHED accredited programs in Fashion and Interior Design. Applications are ongoing for S.Y. 2020-2021. Classes begin this August! INQUIRE NOW.

BA Fashion Design and Marketing

Our Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing (BA-FDM) program offers a holistic introduction to the fashion industry. Students of the program become familiar with the creative, technical, and business facets of fashion. Participants will be trained to evolve a personal point of view in a portfolio whose contents can leverage entry to their competitive field. Our annual gala fashion show is attended by media and industry personalities, allowing students to showcase their work to influential members of the design community.

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    BS Interior Design

    Our Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BS-ID) program is a challenging and rewarding course of study for students considering a career in this field. With an emphasis on conceptual development and critical thinking, we approach the full spectrum of issues leading to successful interior design solutions.As an accredited course, graduates are eligible to take the Interior Design licensure examination.

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