Senior Highschool Program Admissions

Our team of educational consultants are available to help you on your journey towards becoming a professional creative. We would likewise be open to scheduling a virtual appointment with you and our Academic team to fully assist you on your best study options with us. Just let us know so we can schedule this according to your availability. Should you have any questions regarding our programs or the admissions process, you may email us at


SHS - Arts & Design

SHS - Accountancy & Business Management

SHS - General Academic Strand


- Completed Design Test – Instructions for the Design Test may be secured via email (

- 2x2 colored ID photo w/ white background

- PSA Birth Certificate

- Medical Certificate – The Medical Certificate must be signed by your Physician and states that you are able and fit to pursue your studies

- Creative Portfolio – The creative portfolio is a compilation of your original creative work. It can include sketches, illustrations, photos, music, or literary work — any proof of creativity

- Latest School ID and/or any ID

- G7, G8, G9, and G10 Report Cards or original copy of your school-certified Transcript of Records

- School Form 10 or Form 137

- Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation Form (template may be requested from

- Teacher’s Recommendation Form (template may be requested from

- School Fees Payment Undertaking Waiver (template may be requested from

- Emergency Contact Sheet (template may be requested from


STEP 1: Take the Admissions Design Test - Instructions for the test will be sent via email. Only accomplish the rest of the requirements when the Admissions Office gives you notice of a successful Admissions Design Test

STEP 2: Upon qualifying, create an applicant account on: and upload there your admissions documents

STEP 3: Await the result of your application – your Decision Letter will be sent to you via email

STEP 4: If accepted, settle your Reservation Fee and send back your Conforme – details of this step will be outlined in your Decision Letter